When it comes to fashion topics, people will likely to love it since fashion show up the beauty of us. Being up to date regarding fashion is something that most of girls out there cannot resist with. Instead of focusing on our attire, we could also look up to several attire accessories where it could add the style in our fashion. Today we would discuss about Irish hiking scarf. Why does it have its own name and what make it so special than other scarf in stores? 

The history of this scarf actually comes from people who lived in cold weather county. People start to create an additional protection during winter season by knitting this scarf. Initially, the design of this scarf is very simple and plain. Since people starts to involve more on fashion, people around this Western region starts to put variety of fashion upon this scarf. They applied variety of colors and pattern to make it as accessories during winter season. 

The specialty of Irish hiking scarf is the way we made it. This scarf is knitting with high quality of material. The material usually could be made from patons shedland where we all know the quality is very good. This material could stand low temperature and sometimes people use it to make sweater for winter. The material could withstand temperature up to 0 to 5 degree celcius and you can find many colors from this material. So the knitting process of this scarf is not that easy since it takes couple of days or weeks to finish one model of this scarf. If you want to knit this scarf by yourself, kindly ensure you learn the proper way of knitting since minor mistake could lead to defect on the look of the scarf. 

As we have discussed just now, since this scarf material is very thick and withstand low temperature, it is suitable to use during winter season. If you like to go for snowboarding activity, you could see a lot of people applying this scarf around their neck. It looks quite big, but when you hold it, it is very light and waterproof towards small amount of water. If you like to go out for winter and want to have good fashion, you may apply this scarf with color that you like. This scarf is very easy to find since many fashion stores sell this scarf especially during winter season. 

During Christmas, some people in Western regions knit Irish Hiking Scarf as a Christmas gift and some of it sell online. Since the pattern of the scarf is pretty, it could be one of your Christmas gift and the price is not that expensive. The price of this scarf varied according to the pattern of the scarf. Moreover, the material of the scarf also defines the price of the scarf. Better quality scarf could withstand lower temperature. If you want to purchase this scarf, several online markets sell this item such as Amazon, Ebay and Lazada.